• Free trade agreement with South Korea clears hurdle

    Goods and services trade between China and South Korea is set for a quantum leap after the much-anticipated free trade agreement between the two countries crossed a crucial legislative hurdle on Monday. The National Assembly of South Korea gave the green light to the bilateral trade treaty with B...
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  • Louisiana looks to boost its China trade

    Pushing expertise in oil, chemical production and looking ahead to aviation and aerospace Louisiana wants to parlay its strengths in oil and natural gas and chemical production into expanded trading ties with China, according to the state’s top economic development official. Don Pierson was...
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  • Price of PTFE rises crazily !

    According to the international economic situation, price of PTFE has risen by 30%,and we predict by 60% in 2017.We suggest all customers arrange the annsual order of 2017 as soon as possible.It is benefit for us to make  production arrangement ,stock and let you enjoy the price of 2016.
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  • Global Tank Container in 2017

    The global tank container fleet comprises a range of tank types including tanks for liquids, liquefied gases, powders, swap tanks and specials. Tanks below 20ft length such as those typical of the offshore oil industry are not included in this Survey. The tank container is highly regulated and is...
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