Tips On Fitting A PTFE Ring Gasket In The Flange Joints

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The gaskets are used in various types of industries that have pipelines, valves, etc. for carrying dangerous chemicals or other materials. The main function of the gaskets is to act as a sealing joint of the pipelines and prevents the leakage of the liquids, steams, or gases. It also protects the joints from the corrosion and excessive build up of dirt and dust which causes due to the leakage of the liquids. They are great pressure and temperature resistant.

Types Of Gaskets Available In The Market:-

  • Metallic – The gaskets are made of the various types of metals and are used in the various application areas. They are made either with a single metal or with the mixture of various metals which depends on the wide applicability of the product. Most metals that are used to form gaskets are stainless steel, brass, steel, copper, aluminum, or nickel.
  • Semi-Metallic – As the name suggests semi-metallic gaskets are designed with soft, pliable sealing materials which enhance the tightness of the overall material that is far better than the metallic gaskets. They are popular for its wide application uses and easy availability of different shapes as well as the sizes. They can bear the extreme temperature, force, and vibration with an ease.
  • Non-Metallic – The type of the product doesn’t contain any metal at the time of its manufacturing. They are soft and compressible to a great extent. They are made with the materials such as PTFE, Teflon, Rubber, etc. It is best at sealing the liquid inside the pipelines without any chance of leakage.

Tips On Fitting A PTFE Ring Gasket Between The Two Surfaces Of Flange Joint:-

  • Before you install the gasket at the joint, make sure the surfaces of the joints are of the same type and correctly aligned.
  • The bolts or fasteners selected for the joints of the pipelines should be picked up with the care. Don’t tighten the bolts too tightly that it creates an unbearable force for the gaskets. Also, don’t leave it loose so that the gasket came out at the time of the operation.
  • Select the material of the gasket carefully so that when the product is exposed to the extremely high temperature, it can bear the temperature of the operation and stay at the place. PTFE Ring Gaskets are best suited for the same purpose.
  • Always buy the gasket material from the reputed PTFE Ring Gasket Manufacturers for the best quality and superior results.

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